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EWAVE Conference Announcement - Nicosia, 9 July 2012, Cyprus

The Oceanography Centre of the University of Cyprus in collaboration with the Atmospheric Modelling and Weather Forecasting Group, Department of Physics, University of Athens, Greece; Ocean Analysis and Prediction Lab – USA Naval Postgraduate School; Cyprus Energy Agency; and the Meteorological Service of Cyprus; announce the organization of an International Workshop on Wave Energy Potential in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Quantification and Exploitation.

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SESAME Summer School on Coupled Ecological Modelling

SESAME’s 2nd Summer School on ‘Coupled Ecological Modelling’ will take place at the Sundown Courts in Kappara, Malta, from 8 – 13 June 2009.

The course will be hosted by the Physical Oceanography Unit of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre at the University of Malta. The event is co-organised with the Black Sea Commission and CIESM.

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9th MedGOOS Annual Meeting

Preparations for the next MedGOOS Annual meeting are underway. This year the MedGOOS members are meeting on 18th March in Nicosia, Cyprus under the kind invitation of George Zodiatis from the Cyprus Oceanography Centre, University of Cyprus. The meeting will be held back to back to the MOON (Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network) assembly scheduled on 16-17th March. The agenda is given below.

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SESAME BOUM Cruise Dairies

The SESAME-BOUM cruise, which started on 16 June, is now almost half-way through its mission. The 33 scientists onboard R/V Atalante are working hard to assess the impact of climate change on marine organisms and the interactions with the carbon cycle.

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Mediterranean in focus at EU Maritime Policy Conference

The European Commission, the Slovenian presidency of the EU and the University Center for Euro-Mediterranean Studies are organising an international conference in Portoroz and Piran (Slovenia) aimed at involving and engaging more EU and non-EU stakeholders into further discussion on the impact of the integrated maritime policy on the entire Mediterranean basin.

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Ocean Biodiversity Conference

The third in a series of international conferences on ocean data management is on 2-4 October 2007 at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The unifying theme for this conference will be enhancing data quality assurance as well as extending the range of information products that biodiversity informatics practitioners must be developing and delivering to satisfy the needs of users on many different levels (e.g. general public, academics, decision makers, and industry). In other words,translating the data housed in databases into products that are useful for society in general and decision makers in particular. Our primary challenge will be to see ocean biodiversity data made useful beyond satisfying the curiosity of the principal investigator.

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International Conference On Marine Data and Information Systems
- IMDIS 2008 - Announcement


Data availability is of vital importance for the knowledge and management of marine environment. The Conference aims at providing an overview of the existing information on marine environmental data, and showing the progresses on development of efficient infrastructures for managing large and diverse data sets.
The Conference will present different systems for on-line access to data, meta-data and products, communication standards and adapted technology to ensure platforms interoperability. Sessions will focus on infrastructures, technologies and services for different users: environmental authorities, research, schools, universities, etc.

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New Chairman at the helm of MedGOOS

The 7th Assembly of the Mediterranean Global Ocean Observing System (MedGOOS) brought together representatives of member institutions to elect a new chairman and discuss the future of this network to promote operational oceanography in the region.

The meeting was held on the 12th January 2007 in Blanes (Spain) at the Centre d’Estudis Avançants de Blanes (CSIC). The main outcome of the meeting was the election of the new chairman, Dr Kostas Nittis from the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, who accepted to lead MedGOOS for the forthcoming exciting and challenging moments that operational oceanography will plunge into the coming year.

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EurOCEAN 2007 Announcement

EurOCEAN 2007, which will take place on Friday 22 June 2007, will play a major role in the consultation process with the marine science community. Through EurOCEAN 2007 the scientific community will have the opportunity to contribute to this process by providing a maritime science vision and strategy input to the Commission in relation to this Green Paper..

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