THE Global Ocean Observing System
How can the Mediterranean Region benefit from MedGOOS?

MedGOOS is conceived as a user-driven system providing locally relevant, regional scale ocean data that is sustained, integrated, operational, and targeted for multiple users and applications. The advent of multi-disciplinary, spatially widespread, long-term data sets is expected to trigger an unprecedented leap in the economic value of ocean data. This will bring about a radical transformation in our perception of managing marine resources. Many sectors in industry and services such as public health will benefit:

  • capability to make informed decisions based on knowledge of the causes and consequences of change;
  • enable effective and sustainable management of the marine environment in favour of fisheries, safe and efficient transportation, coastal recreation and other marine-related industries that contribute a large part of the total GNP for the bordering countries;
  • support economies and improve standards of living by providing the basis for enhanced marine services;
  • mitigating marine hazards, improve search and rescue operations, and ensuring public health;
  • detecting and forecasting oceanic components of climate variability due to human activity;
  • preserving and restoring healthy marine ecosystems.







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