December 2019
Malta shelf area battles high waves
June 2019
Pinna nobilis survey launched
June 2019
CMEMS releases Third Ocean State Report
November 2018
Launch of Copernicus4Regions publication featuring KAPTAN
October 2018
CMEMS releases Second Ocean State Report
March 2017
CMEMS releases First Ocean State Report
February 2013
Subscribe to MEDESS4MS Newsletter
January 2012
IOInforma and Malta TC
November 2011
Spot the Jellyfish photography competition Winners
Mario Ruivo Prize
October 2011
EMB Bursary 2011
June 2011
MCST funded wave project kicks off
March 2011
Sea level data of Japan tsunami
March 2011
IOInforma Newsletter - March 2011
January 2010
PO-Unit coordinating a HF-Radar Project
December 2010
PO-Unit engages in Wave Energy Project
December 2010
Danielle De St. Jorre Scholarship
October 2010
Elisabeth Mann Borgese Bursary Award
October 2010
IOC Tsunami Newsletter
September 2010
Marine Knowledge2020 on YouTube
September 2010
EC launches Marine Knowledge2020
February 2010
Launch of IOC 50th Anniversary Web Page
October 2009
Al-Bahri proposal sails to Sardinia
October 2009
Towards an Integrated Maritime Policy for better governance in the Mediterranean
September 2009
World's first floating wind turbine inaugurated
August 2009
IOI-KIDS Teachers Marine Talent Competition
March 2009
GMES on the go
February 2009
Coriolis Newsletter 5
January 2009
IOI-Kids Competition Awards 2008
December 2008
Launching of an Online Atmospheric Alert System
November 2008
IOI-KIDS Competition - Voting now open
October 2008
PIM 2007 Proceedings now online
August 2008
IOI-MOC is now on Campus
January 2008
PO-Unit Launches Oil Spill Model
December 2007
Integrated Maritime Policy for the EU
March 2007
New Technological Frontiers for Mediterranean Navigation 
February 2007
Sailors watch new island form
February 2007
IPCC adopts major assessment of climate change science
January 2007
New MedGOOS Chairman
August 2006
IOI Kids - Vote for your favourite artwork
April 2006
SeaWeb Ocean Updates No 4
January 2006
First IOI Malta Course completed
December 2005
University Participates In a Weather-Routing Project
December 2005
IOI Malta Course prepares Ambassadors for Sustainable Ocean Governance
December 2005
IOI-Kids - Post your work on the web
October 2005
"An Implementation Strategy for the Coastal Module of the Global Ocean Observing System", GOOS Report No 148,
January 2005
New Publication - CIESM Workshop Monographs n°26
November 2004
MFS-VOS Newsletter
November 2004
New Real Time Satellite Data Products for MAMA
October 2004
Remembering Elisabeth Mann Borgese
September 2004
Preparing the way for Marine Science in FP7
June 2004
May 2004
New Publication - CIESM Workshop Monographs n°24
December 2003
MFS-VOS Newsletter
October 2003
Ocean Portal
September 2003
Global Climate Change and Rise in Sea Level
September 2003
Nanorobotics to monitor the oceans
August 2003
United Nations Informal Consultative Process on Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea (ICP)
February 2003
Marine Board launches Position Paper on Integrating Marine Science in Europe
February 2003
New publication on the Oceans
January 2003
Tsunami hits Stromboli







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