Did you ever do a project or report at school that has to do with the sea? Have you ever wished to show your own work to the others on the internet? Can you imagine your name appearing on the internet?

This is a chance for your wish to come true! All you have to do is send us your own work. We will ascertain its standard, the relevance of its content, and will be able to post it on the IOI-Kids website for you.

The work must be really something worth showing to others, with some nice pictures and dealing with topics related to the marine and the coastal environment. The productions can deal with many different topics and take several shapes and formats. They can for example be: curiosities, habits or interesting facts about fish......knowing more about marine mammals......how to help reducing marine litter......how to make or keep an aquarium.....sea hazards.......projects to observe the sea.....the pirates in Malta....ugly marine creatures.....the archaeological heritage under the sea....strange facts on the sea.....and many more interesting titles. The work can be an essay, an illustrated project, a painting, a poem or interesting story, an article, personal school notes which you would like to share with others, interesting photos, and more….

It is up to you to use your imagination.

So go ahead and do send us your material. The work can be submitted in the form of html files, but it can be also prepared in other electronic formats, or even submitted on paper. Within a few days from submission, and if the material is judged to be of sufficiently high quality and of general interest, we will put your work online with your name appearing next to it.

We are waiting for your contributions. You will be helping other students in their studies, promoting a good cause for the sea and…why not…show to everyone how good you are!!

Try it out…it is fun…easy to do…and makes you appear like a young journalist!! This is an initiative of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre, University of Malta. You can submit your work by email: aldo.drago@um.edu.mt or by post: 43/1, Valley Road, Birkirkara, BKR10 .