IOI Malta Course prepares Ambassadors for Sustainable Ocean Governance

Sixteen scientists, researchers and experts currently active in the fields of oceanography and coastal management were recently awarded a certificate of merit by the International Ocean Institute after having completed an intensive 5-week course on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries in Malta .

The underlying theme of the course was the need to align the practice of ocean governance with the advances in science and technology.

The course participants came together from countries as diverse as Algeria , Iran , Ukraine , Poland and Croatia to find out about and exchange views on the laws, policy and science of ocean governance of the Mediterranean , the Black, the Baltic and the Caspian Seas. There were representatives of 12 countries in all, including Malta .

One of the main aims of the course is to develop a network of practitioners in these regions in marine-related science, management and policy.

The course was run by the IOI-Malta Operational Centre under the aegis of the International Ocean Institute and was accredited by the University of Malta . The course was sponsored by the Lighthouse Foundation and the United Nations University.

A similar course is planned for 2006 and will be announced shortly on the course website ( ).For more details contact the IOI-Malta Director (Dr. Aldo Drago, ) or the Course Coordinator (Ms Joanne Muscat, ).