Breaking New Ground

Forty years after Dr. Arvid Pardo, “the Father of the Law of the Sea” and Ambassador of Malta declared the Ocean a Common Heritage of Humankind at the UN General Assembly, the 32 nd Pacem in Maribus Conference will break new ground in its conference series through the engagement of women and youth.

PIM32 will explore how changes in the oceans are affecting the livelihoods of women and youth through:  

  • Panel discussions with prominent youth and women leaders and other distinguished speakers
  • Parallel sessions stimulating debate and offering non-traditional interactive activities
  • Engaging side events.

The Conference will focus on three themes:

  • Theme 1 – The State of the Ocean: Current Challenges and Future Prospects – Implications for Women and Youth.
  • Theme 2 – Involvement of Women and Youth within the Millennium Development Goals’ Strategies, Options and Challenges related to the Ocean Protection.
  • Theme 3 – New Solidarities for Sustainable Ocean Governance: Engagement of Women and Youth.

Why come to the Pacem in Maribus Conference?

Do you have a particular interest in the sea and the sustainable use of its resources? Are you committed to its conservation? Are you a member of an organization or group dealing with the protection of the marine environment? PIM is then your unique opportunity to join other youth from around the world to:

  • Voice out how changes in the oceans are affecting your lives;
  • Interact closely with youth and women leaders, representatives of member states and civil society and renowned experts;
  • Learn from others and raise your awareness on issues of concern;
  • Participate in interactive debates, including a Youth Ocean Parliament and the IMarEST climate change debate;
  • Take part in informal activities with other youth from a variety of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds;
  • Enjoy fun events, including exhibitions, a poster session and a demonstration of the famous World Festival of Underwater Images.

And moreover take your chance to visit our lovely islands and share an unrepeatable experience with this gem of history and culture in the centre of the Mediterranean.


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