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Opening: The Conference will start by including a high level segment of Governments, intergovernmental organisations, including women and youth leaders from civil society, whose vision, commitments and contribution have served to advance the cause of sustainable oceans governance, and inspire and mobilise people to take action for the creation of effective solutions. In this connection, it will help the Youth to shape their future and emphasise the quality of life and the economic contribution that women offer in maritime activities, including fisheries, distribution, and coastal and insular developments.

Theme 1: The State of the Ocean: Current Challenges and Future Prospects –
Implications for Women and Youth.

This will explore such critical issues as climate change, threat to marine biodiversity and food security, marine disasters and coastal vulnerability, with special reference to their implications for Women and Youth. It will also attempt to develop new approaches and methodologies for the participation of women and youth in the management of ocean space and sustainable oceans governance.

Theme 2: Involvement of Women and Youth within the Millennium Development Goals Strategies; Options and Challenges related to the ocean protection.

These sessions will focus attention on the ways in which women and youth may become more fully engaged in advancing the MDGs and promoting the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. It will thus focus on the role of women and youth in the eradication of poverty by using ocean resources ad in the protection of the marine environment. It will emphasise the need for curriculum development, teacher training and capacity building, through global training partnerships, towards the creation of appropriate employment in maritime and related services. It will also seek to find the most appropriate language for reaching all youth through the utilisation of the new media as well as advanced tools for communication, public awareness and action. A Youth Parliament, Workshop of Young Entrepreneurs, and a Women’s Caucus will be organised as a way of facilitating the advancement of these objectives and to help frame the conference outcomes and declarations.

Theme 3: New solidarities for sustainable ocean governance: engagement of women
and youth.

Given the differences between realities, interests and expectations among women and youth in developing and developed countries, the conference would seek to provide a common framework for new solidarities and opportunities for socio-economic equity, as well as adjustments to current institutional arrangements and constraints that would empower both women and youth to become more effective participants. Greater emphasis will be placed on realistic and practical solutions and sustained follow-up action. It will thus facilitate an open debate where all views will be heard and commitments made with a view to determine what each of us might do in promoting the goals, objectives and outcomes of the conference.

Within the Conference Programme, important side events are planned that will engage the participation of youth and women including, Art and Cultural Festival, Exhibitions including the children artworks, Underwater Film Festival, Concerts themed around the Ocean, and awards giving ceremonies to distinguished personalities, and many other events.


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