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Forty years after the famous speech of Ambassador of Malta Arvid Pardo at the UN Assembly where the Ocean was proclaimed as a Common Heritage of Humankind, Pacem in Maribus XXXII will gather in Malta with an endeavour to break new ground in its conference series by engaging two new constituencies, women and youth, on whom the future of the Ocean so strongly depends.

The Conference will mobilise considerable skills, talents and experiences in advancing and promoting the sustainable use of marine resources and sound ocean governance. It will also move beyond traditional conference formats of reports and presentations by becoming more interactive with a greater emphasis on dialogue and broad participation.

PIM XXXII will be organised around three themes which will be of direct relevance to women and youth. To this end it will explore how changes in the oceans are affecting the lives and livelihoods of women and youth and endangering their environmental patrimony. These themes are:


  • The State of the Ocean: Current Challenges and Future Prospects Implications for Women and Youth,
  • Involvement of Women and Youth within the Millennium Development Goals Strategies, Options and Challenges related to the ocean protection
  • New solidarities for sustainable ocean governance: engagement of women and youth.


The themes will be linked to panel discussion, parallel sessions, contributed papers and poster sessions, with a view to developing new solutions, actionable outcomes and implementable results. The results of these deliberations will be incorporated in the Conference Proceedings and will help to shape the Conference declarations. In line with the IOI tradition, two public lectures will be featured as tributes to the vision and leadership of Elisabeth Mann Borgese - the IOI founder and Arvid Pardo.


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