What is MAMA?

MAMA is a proposal submitted in February 2001 to the Vth Framework Programme of the EU by MedGOOS partners.

The proposal, which was positively evaluated in March 2001 will provide a framework for the concerted basin-wide effort to establish a strong and common research infrastructure necessary for the setting up of the Global Ocean Observing System in the Mediterranean. MAMA will be co-ordinated by the MedGOOS Secretariat in Malta and the MedGOOS Chair in Italy.

What are the aims of MAMA?

The practical study of the sea has in the last two decades leaped forward along with the advancement in science and technology, improved sensors to observe the sea by

MAMA is expected to build on, strengthen and extend this network to all the Mediterranean states. The strength of MAMA lies in its 32 participants coming from all the riparian countries and from renowned marine institutions.

The aims of MAMA are centred on the trans-national pooling of scientific and technological resources through the sharing of experiences and the transfer of expertise, to bring capacities at comparable levels, and provide an integrated effort towards the planning and design of the initial ocean observing and forecasting system in the Mediterranean. The focus will be on the sustainable use of the coastal zone. MAMA will also interact with end-users and work in the whole basin to raise awareness on the benefits of ocean forecasting with dissemination of results and products.

For more information visit the MAMA website