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About IOI - MOC


The programme of activities of IOI-MOC targets the following elements:


1. oceanographic research, in a holistic perspective, including the provision of operational services, specialised analysis and through participation in international research projects;



2. training and teaching through specialised courses in relation to the Law of the Sea’s managerial as well as scientific obligations, mainly on coastal states; this also includes promoting public awareness on the sustainable use of marine resources;



3. studies on the Principle of the Common Heritage of Mankind, especially through the development of ocean economics within the perspective of the new millennium of globalisation;



4. hosts the Physical Oceanography Unit. The PO-Unit undertakes fundamental research in coastal meteorology, hydrography and physical oceanography with a main emphasis on the experimental study of the hydrodynamics of the sea in the vicinity of the Maltese Islands;



5. hosts the MedGOOS Secretariat. The Mediterranean Global Ocean Observing System is an informal association founded under the auspices of the UNESCO/Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) to provide a concerted approach to the planning and implementation of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) in the Mediterranean;



6. Maintain links with intergovernmental commissions (especially the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and the International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea (CIESM)) and international organisations related to marine affairs and research;



7. Maintain links with local entities involved in marine affairs, provide information on regional programmes and seek cooperative initiatives;



8. Strengthen co-operation with foreign marine institutes and Universities especially in the Mediterranean and Europe;


9. Liaise and co-operate with University departments to promote collaborative and complementary activities as well as to enchance their involvement in IOI activities;



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