View Satellite Maps on the Malta Page for Operational Oceanography


Satellite Mediterranean maps of ocean colour, sea surface temperature and sea level anomaly are available in near real time on the CapeMalta website. Have a look and send us your comments!!!


This service is available through the MAMA project, an FP5 thematic network project on operational oceanography in the Mediterranean. The MedGOOS Secretariat at the IOI-Malta Operational Centre (University of Malta) is co-responsible together with the International Marine Centre (Sardinia, Italy) for the coordination of MAMA.

The service of Mediterranean ocean colour satellite maps has been made possible through an agreement with ACRI and the Coastwatch project to deliver to the MAMA community single images of true colour, chlorophyll a, and waters classification, and weekly composites of chlorophyll a of the Mediterranean composed from MERIS and MODIS sensors. Sea surface temperature is available in different forms: single images (once or more per day) or composites at daily or weekly scales

Sea Level Anomaly in the form of weekly maps composed from different altimeter measurements are also available from CLS data. A link to the data files (NetCDF format) is also included.

I take the opportunity to comment that the Chlorophyll maps built by Coastwatch are raising a large enthusiasm among many marine biologists.

Further goodies can be viewed by clicking on the MAMA-NET icon on the right hand menu of the Malta-OP webpage.

Amongst the numerous available products have a look at the satellite-derived surface winds that are made in available in gridded maps at every Quikscat satellite pass. These consist of ERS-2 scatterometer winds produced by KNMI Netherlands, just 30 minutes after the passage of the satellite. To access these images go to MAMA-Net within the MAMA webpage and choose ‘satellites'. This brings you to the table (Task25_table.htm) listing all available satellite products. The new product of satellite wind is there together with its readme file and example image.


MAMA-Net targets to provide a web-based tool for the exchange of data and information between MAMA partners. This includes the compilation of information on: (a) data/meta-data flow; (b) data merge between operational agencies; (c) process, integration and enhancement of data; and (d) view and exploitation of data by users. The MAMA-Net can be accessed online directly at the following address:

If you need further information or have any problems with access, please do not hesitate to ask.