PIM Conference

The 30th Pacem in Maribus.
A Year after Johannesburg. Ocean Governance and Sustainable Development: Ocean and Coasts - a Glimpse into the Future.

Pacem in Maribus (PIM) conferences played a crucial role in the formulation and promotion of UNCLOS. Since 1970 twenty-nine Conferences that were organized by IOI took place all around the World. The most recent conferences took place in Canada, Fiji, Germany and South Africa. They have become respected as important events for understanding threats to the world's ocean and the potential of its resources to sustain humankind.

The next PIM Conference is scheduled to take place in Kiev, Ukraine from the 27th to the 30th of October.

The goal of the forthcoming conference is to discuss the perspectives, challenges and trends of ocean and coastal sustainable development following the WSSD 2002 and World Water Forum 2003 (WWF) decision and recommendations. The Conference topics are:

  • Emerging environmental issues and human health.
  • Ocean and coastal protection and integrated management.
  • Living and non-living resources.
  • Safety and security of the human activities at sea.
  • Problems of semi-enclosed and closed sea.
  • Climate change and disaster preparedness.

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More updated information at http://www.30pim.sevinfo.net/