Al-Bahri proposal sails to Sardinia

The Al-Bahri proposal has been submitted for funding to the ENPI MEDCBC programme.

Al-Bahri is a joint proposal between MedGOOS and MOON. It is led by the MedGOOS Secretariat together with other 15 partners (Italy (4); Greece (2); Spain (2); Tunisia (3); Egypt (1); Lebanon (1); Israel (1) and Cyprus (1)). 

The overarching objectives of the proposal are to:

-support a science-based approach to the common management of the Mediterranean Sea

- match the targets/deliverables set in the EU Integrated Maritime Policy through the implementation of supportive activities (such as with regard to the development of EMODNET and the Atlas of the Sea) in collaboration and with the participation of the Mediterranean countries;

-showcase the support that operational oceanography can deliver to the conduction of marine affairs in the Mediterranean through dedicated pilot applications and demonstrators;

-deliver prototype tools and applications deriving from operational marine observations and forecasting, share and exchange experiences that serve to promote the concept of a common management of the Mediterranean Sea.

Under this framework the project plans to undertake capacity building activities and specific implementations in selected sites of non-EU countries. The overall concept is that countries can only embrace common environmental principles and follow common targets through the use of shared technologies and tools.