Joint MCST- NCSD Consultation

Investing in Scientific Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development


This joint consultation with the science and technology community is aimed at encouraging a high-level quality discussion on how Scientific Research and Innovation investments can be more geared to support Malta’s sustainable development strategy. The envisaged output of this consultation is a joint NCSD-MCST position and a report with recommendations on measures to promote research and innovation in support of sustainable development.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 July 2004 at Villa Bighi, Kalkara between 09.30-13.00 hrs. It is being organised by the National Commission for Sustainable Development and the Malta Council for Science and Technology.

The primary aim of the meeting is to discuss sustainable development in the Maltese Islands and to suggest strategic directions identifying priority areas of concern to the members of the Science and Technology Community.

This meeting forms part of the consultative process being organised by the National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) with various groups of stakeholders on the drawing up of a Sustainable Development Strategy for Malta.

A copy of the draft Sustainable Development Strategy can be accessed from the following website . Hard copies will also be available during the meeting. A copy of the programme and the application form is attached.

If you wish to attend, please complete and forward the form by e-mail, fax or mail to Ms Eileen Darmanin (e-mail:

The consultation will be held in Maltese but participants will be free to speak in either Maltese or English.

Click here for the full programme.

To register, download the form by clicking here

Date: Tuesday 27 July 2004
Time: 9.30-13.00hrs
Venue: Villa Bighi, Kalkara