Jean Michel Cousteau, Buzz Aldrin, David Bellamy and Sylvia Earle among others combined their knowledge and passion for the seas to collaborate with us and the Unesco-IOC (Integovernmental Oceanographic Commission) to publish a unique book that will celebrate our planet's oceans.

Dakini Books is an innovative publishing company, which produces high quality illustrated books. The Blue hopes to share the awe we and the authors feel when we contemplate the ocean’s vastness, but we also want to make the world aware of the accelerating decimation of this natural wonder.

Breathtakingly illustrated and designed, this special and limited edition, features some of the greatest ocean writers and underwater photographers.

IOC Trust for Ocean Research will receive a £5 donation from the sale of every copy - and there are a very limited number of copies left.

Please have a look at this amazing publication and help us support the IOC.

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