New Publication - CIESM Workshop Monographs n°24


CIESM is pleased to inform you of the release of their latest CIESM Monograph (n° 24) entitled Human records of recent geological evolution in the Mediterranean Basin - historical and archaeological evidence.

It is the outcome of a Workshop organized under the umbrella of the CIESM Committee on Marine Geosciences and is one of the most ambitious volumes produced yet. This 152 page- report, edited by Jean Mascle and Frederic Briand, is rich in thoughts, analyses, illustrations and references, and stretches over many scientific disciplines in our usual direct reporting style. It critically reviews the recent findings obtained when confronting available human records and geological chronological evidence in a region of the world where both long-term processes (sedimentary, crustal, paleoclimatic) and short-term events (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis) tend to be better documented than elsewhere in the historical and cultural heritage.

This volume can be ordered on-line on the CIESM website or downloaded in full (text plus illustrations) in PDF format.