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         WP Leader - Thorkild Aarup (IOC-UNESCO)

  Objectives and description

Workpackage 8 targets to prove the usefulness of operational ocean observation and forecasting through the preparation of prototype demonstration tools and products. This will serve to establish open and constructive links with end-user community to identify their needs and priorities.

The key activities within this WP are:
A website providing guidance and information on protection from coastal erosion and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in general
A user-friendly interface and provision of tools (software) for viewing and using ecosystem forecast results
Value added products from merged data sets


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Task 8.1 - Develop a website providing guidance and information on protection from coastal erosion and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in general

The Coastal Erosion Protection and ICZM Guidance Demonstrator (CEROSPIG), aims to provide information on coastal erosion problems, and to develop a capacity for an integrated Coastal Zone Management based on forecasts of the coastal environment. The task will be accomplished by the realisation, implementation and operation of the Demonstrator on the MAMA WWW.

Subtask 8.1.1 Present status, demands and requirements for CEROSPIG Demonstrator

A survey of potential user demands for relevant information and for potential sources of information and data providers on the subject. This serves to enhance the linking and interfacing with national agencies responsible for marine environmental monitoring, National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODCs) and international agencies involved, or related, to the subject. On the basis of the results of these surveys and relying on the in-house expertise of the team responsible for this task, the specifications for the following information is defined:

a) status of coastal processes, on sea-level rise effects, coastal erosion and coastal development in Mediterranean countries,
b) state of the art methods of coastal protection and ICZM,
c) links to met-ocean, bathymetric and geological data banks and NRTforecasting sites,
d) experience gathered from case studies relevant for Mediterranean bordering countries,
e) directory of EU bodies, experts and manufacturers involved in research and implementation of coastal erosion protection and ICZM,
f) participants’ information and presentation of the submitted information with relevant conclusions/guidance after professional review by a board of experts on these issues.

Items relevant to operational data exchange and monitoring in the Mediterranean region, in Europe and world-wide are also considered. This information aids to tailor the Demonstrator for the Mediterranean and is used as an initial basic input for further improvement of the CEROSPIG Demonstrator.


Subtask 8.1.2 System analysis, specifications, design and realisation of the demonstrator.

The CEROSPIG Demonstrator is developed on the MAMA WWW in compliance with international standards for structured developments of information systems starting with the system analysis, followed by rough and detailed specifications, system design and finally the development of new software packages and the integration of existing commercial software into a coherent software product "CEROSPIG", which can be run at least on WINDOWS and LINUX operating systems. Routine supervision, review and approval procedures will be applied in order to ensure that the developments correspond to the requirements of the user community.

The CEROSPIG demonstrator shows the methodology, functions and operation of a state-of-the-art operational software package for automated and user-controlled expert guidance and information exchange on coastal erosion protection and ICZM in the Mediterranean. The demonstrator is designed to include all relevant functions to upload, download and update data and information via the Internet, capability to import and export filters to a number of common formats and operating systems (WINDOWS, LINUX, MACINTOSH, UNIX) and to verify information and data consistency, actuality and relevance. Some basic functions facilitating sound and visualisation (JPG, GIF, TIF, movies) will be also part of the system.

Task 8.2 Development of a user-friendly interface and provision of tools (software) for viewing and using ecosystem forecast results.

The transformation of data into usable products is still an area to be fully explored and enhanced. Current products are heavily based on physical measurements in the coastal seas and the upper ocean. This task addresses the need to improve and ease the capacity of analysing, merging and using observed and modelled data for the management of the marine resources at short term.


Subtask 8.2.1 User-friendly interface for viewing and analysing 3D data.

A graphical user-friendly interface developed by UNIBO/ CIRSA (Italy) will be is improved into an on-line tool for viewing and analysis of direct (observed) and derived (from the forecast simulations) data 3D fields. This interface is being adapted to allow merging, comparison and statistical descriptions of data sets; the ease of use aimed to allow its widespread employment, including non-scientists, and its application by a range of potential users. The tool will be used in the analysis of the model results generated in WP4.

Subtask 8.2.2 Development of value added products.

The capacity to analyse merged data sets (in situ, satellite and modelled) and extract the major information for practical applications is investigated by a dedicated pilot exercise for the coastal zone. In situ and satellite data is merged to provide information on the status and trends of the coastal marine environment. These products provide information in the form of a water quality parameter based on temperature, salinity, oxygen, nutrients concentration. This product targeted to provide an example of ‘near real time’ information to managers and the general public. This exercise is done in conjunction to Task 8.1. Products developed under Task 8.2 will be launched on the website of the developer with hyperlinks to the MAMA WWW. They will be accompanied by detailed descriptions on their content and method of use. On-line response by users will be used for feedback.


  Milestones and Deliverables                                                        Go to Top
Benchmark delivery/ in month from start
1. Technical Report on CEROSPIG
2. Launching of graphical interface for viewing and analysing 3D fields (including forecasts)
3. unching of the CEROSPIG prototype on WWW
4. Recommendations for future applications
5. Final CEROSPIG on WWW
6. Publishing on MAMA WWW of value added products from merged data sets


Deliverable No.
Deliverable Title
Delivery Date
Dissemination Level
Specifications, requirements and recommendations for CEROSPIG
Development of CEROSPIG Demonstrator
Release of user-friendly interface to extract added-value information from forecasts
Launching of the CEROSPIG Demonstrator (Final version)
Added-value product for ICZM from merged data sets
Operational experience and recommendations on CEROSPIG based on pre-operational phase


 Update on Activities       

CEROSPIG Questionnaire

This questionnaire aims to collect information along the Mediterranean coasts within the general objective of Task 8.1 in Workpackage 8 of MAMA (Dissemination & Products) which is to develop a demonstrator web-site CEROSPIG on Coastal EROSion Protection and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Guidance and information in general.The outcome of the survey conducted by this questionnaire, which you are kindly invited to fill, will be an important input to the development of CEROSPIG, bringing important information on the needs in your country on the subject as well as on the available relevant information and potential data providers on the subject in your country.


The CEROSPIG WWW intends to provide a web communication platform for the presentation of current and future knowledge and data and to provide guidance for coastal erosion protection issues and ICZM by bringing regional and worldwide experience consultance in the form of published data, web data, consultants, modellers, manufacturers and relevant services providers.
CEROSPIG is an ancronym for Coastal Erosion Protection and Integrated Coastal Zone Management Guidance Demonstrator. CEROSPIG aims at the developement of a web based tool providing guidance against coastal erosion and for Integrated Coastal Zone Management for the Mediterraneam in order to upgrade the Monitoring and forecasting Activity in the region.

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WP8 MAMA 2nd 6-Month Progress Report (July - December 2002)


WP8 PPT presentation (3rd MAMA meeting)