MAMA - A MedGOOS project


MAMA - Mediterranean network to Assess and upgrade Monitoring and forecasting Activity in the basin, is an EU funded thematic network. MAMA is unique in bringing for the first time marine institutions from all Mediterranean countries to work together and targeting to strengthen the research infrastructure in support of ocean forecasting in the basin.

In over 3 years of activity (2002 –2005) MAMA has provided: (i) a survey of the regional capability for ocean observations in terms of infrastructures and human resources; (ii) empowerment for partner institutions to improve their participation in ocean observations; (iii) test cases for the initial ocean observing system; (iv) awareness on the benefits of operational oceanography.

MAMA has contributed to the international role of the European Union for sustainable development in the Mediterranean, to advance GMES and to foster the leading role of Europe in the implementation of ocean observing systems.

The guiding concepts of MAMA – assess, empower, co-operate, inform - have been successfully replicated in other European (PAPA and ARENA) and non-European (GRAND) regions.


MAMA emerged from the MedGOOS strategy which fosters an observing system addressing the specific needs of the region and owned by all Mediterranean countries, based on long-term partnerships, empowerment and ownership, awareness on the far-reaching benefits, and an open approach to all stakeholders. MAMA has strengthened and enlarged this Mediterranean partnership. As a whole, MAMA is the first step towards providing guidance to the Mediterranean states to ensure that MedGOOS will be fully effective when it is eventually established, in ten to fifteen years time.


A coordinated and sustained ocean monitoring and forecasting system provides the necessary information for the intelligent management of the marine environment. An improved management of marine resources and space benefits a wide range of activities such as leisure, maritime transportation and safety, fisheries, coastal protection, and risk mitigation.

  • a basin wide institutional network for ocean monitoring and forecasting linking all the Mediterranean countries;
  • assessments on current infra-structure, resources, capabilities and activities for operational oceanography in the region;
  • training-on-the-job of junior researchers and exchange of personnel;
  • awareness on the benefits of ocean observations in all Mediterranean countries.